Worksaver PTHD-840ST

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Flip-up Gauge Wheels  (height adjustable) –Allows accurate control of working depth, keeping machine level for smoother surface finish. Operator can easily move the gauge wheels into the up position for transport on a trailer, reducing the space needed.

Flip-up Side Shields – Operator can easily move the shield out of the way for work where shields are not required. Shields are always with the machine, reducing the chance of misplacement.

Rotor Choice – Available with a carbide aggressor tooth (1-3/4() or 2( Sabre tooth (heat treated alloy material). Sabre tooth offers excellent reliability and performance for general use. Aggressor tooth offers more aggressive tilling action.

Dry Chain Case – Environmentally friendly dry chain case reduces maintenance as there is no oil to contend with. Chain only requires lubrication every 15-20 hours and is simply done by removing the chain case cover.

Heavy-Duty Chain – Chain is #60, #80 or double #80 depending on model. Chain size is matched to the machine for maximum power transfer and long life. Tension is provided by serviceable chain tensioners of UMHW material for longer wear and reliability.

Adjustable Material Bar – Standard on all models for controlling processed material flow. Allows the operator to adjust to soil conditions increasing versatility of the unit.  

Triple Seal Rotor Bearings with Replaceable Housing – Bearing housing of ductile material is replaceable, extending the life of the machine. Triple seal bearing keeps dirt out, providing more up-time.

Bearing Protectors – Standard on both sides of bearing on non-drive-end, or on rotor side of bearing on drive-end. Protects bearings from wrapping with material, thus increasing the service life of the bearings.

Lifting Point – Built-in lifting hook is standard on all machines for easier loading / unloading of machine.

Flex & Float System – Skid Steer units feature a “Flex & Float” mount. Allows the operator the flexibility to choose maximum down pressure for preliminary site prep, then switch to float position for final site preparation.



Model PTHD-840ST
Mount Type 3-pt Cat.II
Main Frame (in) 4 x 4 x 1/4
Overall Width (in/cm) 104 / 264
Working Width (in/cm) 96 / 244
Working Depth (in/cm) 0-3.0 / 0-8
Max. Angle 20° L/R
Hydraulic Angle Optional
Drive System PTO
Rotor Drive #80 Roller Chain
Chain Tensioner Standard
Rotor Tooth 2" Sabre
Gauge Wheel Dual
Flip-Up Side Shields Standard
Material Control Bar Adjustable
Weight (lbs/kg) 1257 / 570
Product No. 360895