Virnig Attachments HUHV90

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  • Features heavy duty top bracing, up to 5 wear bars underneath, and interior brace plates to add rigidity.
  • 3/4” x 6” weld-on edge with holes for optional edges.
  • Bucket shown with optional bolt-on edge.


Overall Bucket Width (Inches) 91.5
Bucket Depth (Inches) 37.6
Bucket Height (Inches) 24.9
Struck Capacity (Cubic Feet) 24.3
Heaped Capacity (Cubic Feet) 29.2
Bucket Back Angle (Degrees) 66
Shell Thickness (Inches) 0.25
Side Plate Thickness (Inches) 0.25
Structural Wear Bars Under Bucket (1/2″ x 4″) 5
Approximate Weight (Pounds) 860
Recommended Loader Capacity Greater than 2400 pounds