Virnig Attachments HSBP144

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  • Variable pusher, straight, and angled positions allow optimal snow removal.
  • Electric over hydraulic control allows independent angling of each wing. This also allows the entire blade to be angled separately from the wings for infinite blade and wing angle configurations.
  • Floating frame link maintains full blade contact when wings are angled, while also allowing down pressure when the wings are straight.
  • Oscillation and adjustable cast skid shoes allows edge to follow uneven surfaces.
  • Hydraulic crossover relief valve protects the attachment by absorbing shock and angling the entire blade if a curb or other object is struck.
  • Three blade sections with individual trip edges utilizing eight total compression springs.
  • Middle section comes standard with 5/8” x 8” reversible, replaceable bolt-on wear edge. Design allows for 5-1/2” of total wear.
  • Wings come standard with 1/2” x 7-3/4” reversible, replaceable bolt-on wear edge made from high-tensile steel. Design allows for 5-1/2” of total wear.
  • New 10′ model available (HSBP120).


Overall Blade Width (Inches) 148.5
Moldboard Width (Inches) 86
Blade Height (Inches) 31
Blade Angle (Degrees) +/- 30
Wing Angle (Degrees) +/- 60
Width at Full Angle Both Wings Open (Inches) 131
Width at Full Angle One Wing Open (Inches) 107
Width at Full Scoop (Inches) 120.5
Moldboard Thickness (Inches) 0.19
Cutting Edge (Inches) 5/8 x 8 Bolt-on
Wing Cutting Edge (Inches) 1/2 x 7 3/4 High Tensile Steel, Bolt-on
Blade Oscillation (Degrees) +/- 4
Float Link Angle (Degrees) +/- 5
Approximate Weight (Pounds) 1710
Recommended Loader Capacity Greater than 1800 pounds