Virnig Attachments LSWP96

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  • Over a foot shorter than the V60 Snow Pusher for better operator visibility.
  • Edge never needs adjusting; it only needs to be reversed or replaced.
  • Bracing on pusher sides and long-wearing 1/2″ thick x 3″ wide skid shoes ensure attachment longevity.
  • 1 ½” x 10” reversible, replaceable rubber edge allows 6″ of total wear.
  • Rubber edge offers optimal surface protection while delivering pushing power.


Overall Pusher Width (Inches) 104.3
Pusher Depth (Inches) 39.5
Pusher Height (Inches) 27.5
Inside Pusher Width (Inches) 98
Inside Pusher Depth (Inches) 38.3 
Pusher Oscillation (Degrees) +/- 4
Cutting Edge (Inches) 1 ½" x 10" Rubber
Approximate Weight (Pounds) 900
Recommended Loader Capacity (Pounds) Greater than 1500