Virnig Attachments BSRGV72

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  • Every other tine is constructed of one piece of steel, from tip to top brace, to add rigidity. Every tine is made from 3/8” Grade 50 steel.
  • Raised ridge in center of tines (rock dam) and notch near tips secure rocks while digging.
  • 2” bore, 8 3⁄8” stroke cylinders featuring corrosion, dent and flake resistant NitroSteel® cylinder rods.
  • Greasable 1 1/4” diameter cylinder pins and hinge pins.
  • Teflon® coated bushings provide lubrication at jaw hinge.
  • Known clearance issue on John Deere® G-Series loaders (330G, 331G, 332G, and 333G).


Overall Bucket Width (Inches) 74.3
Bucket Depth (Inches) 39.9 
Bucket Height (Inches) 20
Number of Tines (With Sides) 23
Space Between Tines (Inches) 2.9
Tine and Side Plate Thickness (Inches) 0.375*
Grapple Jaw Thickness (Inches) 0.5*
Grapple Jaw Opening (Inches) 35.2
Approximate Weight (Pounds) 960
Recommended Loader Capacity Less than 2400 pounds

*Jaw, Tine, and Side Plate Material is Grade 50 Plate (50,000 Minimum Yield Strength).