Rhino 3500 Blade

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Blades to handle all of your demanding jobs

Rhino® has been manufacturing the leading line of tractor mounted blades for over 50 years. A Rhino blade means Rugged Durability, Superior Craftsmanship, Innovative Design, and Outstanding Performance. Whether you need to dig a ditch, repair a terrace, maintain a road, remove snow, clean a feed lot, or prepare a level surface, there is a Rhino blade right for you.

Features include heavy-duty three-point hitches, reinforced mainframes, massive solid steel kingpins, precisely-formed moldboards, and mainframe swing, moldboard angle, and moldboard tilt adjustments for rugged durability and outstanding performance. The 850, 950 and 1540 blades are available with either manual or hydraulic adjustments to help fit a wide range of applications and needs. The 2500 and 3500 blades feature all hydraulic adjustments for greater operator convenience. Rhino blades - unequaled Selection, Quality, and Performance!

  • Heavy-Duty 3-Point Hitches
  • Solid Steel Kingpins
  • ½” x 6” Replaceable Cutting Edge
  • Optional Skid Shoes
  • Optional Gauge Wheels and Skid Shoes


Model 3500
Moldboard Width 12', 14'
Moldboard Dimension 1/2'' x 20''
Cutting Edge ½'' x 6''
Support Stand Std
Hitch CAT 3 & 4 / CAT 3 & 4 QH
Maximum HP (2WD) N/A
Maximum HP (FWA) 12' - 300
14' - 250
Kingpin Diameter 5'' Steel Bar
Adjustment Types Hydraulic
Offset (Max.) 50''
Pivot Forward Up to 45°
Pivot Reverse Up to 45°
Tilt- Up & Down Up to 15°
No-Wrench Adjustments  
Weight (Approx.) 12' - 3,463 Lbs
14' - 3,603 Lbs.