Paladin Attachments LAF6602

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• Tines increase digging action for grading and separates debris for site clean-up
• Scarifies and levels hard-packed soil when grading
• Increases productivity over conventional rakes by operating in a forward direction
• Features a full-floating design to follow compound grades; oscillates from side to side for crowning roads
• Heavy duty, adjustable, front mounted castors keep the attachment working the ground and leveling it quickly
• Available in four sizes: 82”, 92”, 97” & 102”


Model LAF6602
Weight (app.) lbs. 790
Max. Angle 28.5°
A. Width (OD) 103.1”
Cutting Width  
Straight 102”
B. Max. Angle 89.75”
C. Height 33”
D. Depth 72”