Loftness Attachments 80XCH100

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  • Twin hydraulic drive motors
  • VOAC bent-axis piston motors
  • 60-100 GPM / up to 6000 PSI
  • Heavy-duty overhung bearing blocks
  • Custom mount included
  • Adjustable tree-pusher bar
  • Claw hooks on pusher bar
  • 1300 RPM, 21-inch-diameter rotor
  • Carbide teeth with forged steel holders
  • Spiral carbide tooth pattern
  • Premium "HARDOX" Swedish steel body
  • Adjustable shear bar
  • 3 in. piloted, double-tapered roller
  • Bearing anti-wrap protection
  • Steel deflector chains
  • 6-groove banded belts
  • Dual belt drive
  • Spring-loaded belt tightener
  • Taper-lock sheaves
  • Skid shoes - adjustable 1-1/2 to 3 inches
  • Charcoal grey paint


Model 80XCH100
Width of Cut in Inches 80
Overall Width in Inches 106
Number of Carbides 48
Weight in Pounds 5000
Specifications and data are subject to change without notice.

Warning: Due to the possible danger of flying debris, impact-resistant shielding MUST be provided for the operator. The owner is responsible for providing operator-protection devices on the power unit.