Interstate Batteries

interstate batt banWhen You Need To Be There You Need An Interstate

Get a battery test today and let a professional make sure your battery is road-ready.

It's more than a battery. It's an Interstate.

Enjoying a reputation for top-quality products and consistently reliable service since 1952, Interstate Batteries is the battery brand preferred by auto technicians in North America. From car and truck batteries to material handling equipment batteries and everything in between, we offer over 12,000 types of batteries to meet the needs of nearly all applications. Let us help you find the right battery fit for your needs.

#1 Replacement Car Battery

Powered by a combination of proven experience, integrity and heart. Interstate Batteries® is the brand that technicians prefer since 1965.

12,000+ Types of Batteries

From Starting, Lighting and Ignition to motive and household batteries, we have trusted solutions for nearly all your power needs.

200,000+ Dealer Locations

We are dedicated to providing nationwide service and battery expertise to our customers.


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