Danuser Attachments T3 Driver

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•  Operates up to 6 hits per second

•  Drives T-posts up to 3" O.D. pipe

•  Versatile mounting options available


 Model T3 Driver
Overall Depth 12"
Overall Width 11"
Overall Height 17"
Weight 86 lbs.
Hydraulic Requirements 1500-3000 PSI & Up to 30 GPM*
* T3 Driver will operate at 6 strikes per second on vehicles with 
15-30 GPM. It will function at fewer strikes per second below 15 GPM.
Post Dimensions: T-post to 3" O.D. pipe
Impact Force: 2,000 lbs. per stroke
Impact Energy: 40 ft.-lbs. per stroke
Hammer Weight: 10 lbs.
Strokes Per Second: 6