Danuser Attachments Auger Bucket

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  Transports and dispenses a wide variety of materials


Auger Bucket
Overall Height (A) 27"
Overall Width (B) 21-1/2"
Overall Length (C) 74-1/2"
Overall Bucket Length (D) 68-1/2"
Weight 380 lbs.
Auger Length 61-1/2"
Auger Diameter without Rubber 4"
Auger Diameter with Rubber 6-1/2"
Auger Flighting Spacing 4"
Capacity: 1/2 yd (13.5 cubic ft)
up to 3/4 yard (20.25 cubic ft) with optional hopper extension
Minimum Hydraulic Requirements: 12 GPM
2000 PSI
Mounting Options: Skid-Steer