Preseeder Landscaping Tiller

  • preseeder tractormounted

    Tractor Mounted

    Hydraulic Angle - Models 605, 725 & 805 The Preseeder Power Rake tills soil, levels grades and rakes stones all in one operation making it faster and easier to get professional landscaping results.

    The Preseeder's versatility enables a single operator to turn a lumpy rough grade into a finished seedbed without any additional equipment – eliminating nearly all hand labor. Our power rakes have been engineered to give the operator unparalleled control. All machine adjustments are made from the tractor seat.

    Our tractor mounted models are ideal for preparing lawns around new residential and commercial construction, landscaping renovation, lawn blending, and golf course and athletic field maintenance. Innovative design, rugged durable construction, unique features, and affordability makes ATI Preseeder Power Rakes a great value with a long service life.

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  • preseeder walkbehind

    Walk Behind

    Walk-Behind - Model 365 The walk-behind model 365 Preseeder landscaping power rake has been designed to minimize expensive hand labor. Till soil, level grades, and rake stones to create better seedbeds in areas that before could only be reached with hand rakes.

    The model 365 allows a single operator to work in those tight, hard-to-reach areas that used to demand so much time. The walk-behind Preseeder quickly prepares the soil for seeding, much faster than a hand rake!

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