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The Classic Series drive units have features not found even on competitor’s more costly products. Five models are available to best match your machinery and applications. Features include:

  • a virtually unbreakable drive shaft
  • premium hydraulic motors
  • heavy duty reduction drive
  • solid unit construction
  • high-quality protected hose routing

Classic Series units offer a no extra cost choice between a round or a hex drive shaft. All of this comes at a price FAR less than the competition.

Classics are well named. They are our most popular augers and are so well recognized their very appearance is a protected design. We have several Classic Series augers to choose from. Which one is right for you? Download our brochure with specs.


The new BP-Series planetary reduction auger drives bring new elements of performance and dependability to the attachment marketplace.

  • An estimated 20% increase in gear strength over previous LOWE models and far more strength than the competition.
  • An even stronger shaft bearing support than previous models.
  • A through hardened alloy drive shaft with unbreakable performance.
  • A high grade shaft seal with increased durability over competitors.
  • A zero leak motor mount.
  • A new design attachment fastening system with superior strength and durability.

All of this comes with a new FIVE (5) YEAR Limited REPAIR or REPLACE WARRANTY on the BP gearbox. Download our brochure with specifications.

THE TJ-100

New TJ-100 Gear Reduction Auger Drive Unit with Innovative New Mounting System

  • Featuring a LOWE® designed and manufactured gearbox. Made in the USA.
  • For Mini-Loaders with Toro-Dingo* compatible mountings and other brands of smaller machinery.
  • Innovative new high lift mounting has better carrying stability and allows use of four foot (1.3m) long augers.
  • Unit has fully protected hydraulic hoses.
  • Choose either a 2 inch (51mm) hex shaft or a2 9/16 inch (65mm) round shaft.
  • Use augers up to a 36 inch diameter (914mm) depending upon conditions.
  • Backed by a five-year repair or replace warranty on the gearbox.



When LOWE® entered the grapple attachment market, we knew that we needed to offer something special. We did it.

LOWE® grapples bring new elements of productivity and durability to the grapple attachment marketplace. Yet the cost of a LOWE® grapple is several hundred to over a thousand dollars less than anything comparable. Just look at all the features. There is no better value:

  • Grab a load sideways, or use the clamp’s special design to grab by the end
  • Premium hydraulic cylinders, hoses, and fittings
  • More useful load than anything comparable
  • Extensive protection of cylinders and hoses
  • Fully enclosed back plate
  • Fully enclosed clamps
  • Side mounted hydraulic auxiliary connections
  • Ten tine grapple bucket
  • Four point reinforcement
  • Serial number identification and detailed operator’s manual
  • Industry leading safety labeling

Our grapples can also be used in ways other grapples cannot. Use it as a log puller by picking a log by the end with the front of the clamp and take it where you wish. This feature allows you to pick a load and carry it through a narrow opening that would block a typical grapple.

Pick items that are close to a building or fence line where other grapples fail. With an extremely large clamp opening, you will find you can use it on larger items than you may have expected. All this added performance and secure clamping makes you even more productive.

ModelG 72AGrappleModel G-72A Grapple

Our most popular model. The LOWE® G-72A is ideal for removing debris, woodlot cleanup, general agricultural applications, manure cleanup, moving bales, and clearing areas. The open bucket construction allows smaller items and dirt to sift through leaving a cleaner load.

Specifications: Weight – 684 lbs. (310 Kg) Width – 72 inches (1,829 mm) Depth – 41 inches (1,041 mm) Max height (closed) – 30 inches (762 mm) Max height (open) – 41.75 inches (1,060 mm) Max opening gap – 40 inches (1,016 mm)

ModelG 56AModel G-56A Grapple

The LOWE® G-56A does the same kinds of jobs as the larger G-72A. It has all the features but is designed for smaller machinery. The G-56A saves considerable weight and cost by using only one hydraulic clamp. The compactness and maneuverability of the G-56A allow it to be operated where larger equipment cannot be used.

Specifications: Weight – 483 lbs. (219 Kg) Width – 56 inches (1,422 mm) Depth – 41 inches (1,041 mm) Max height (closed) – 30 inches (762 mm) Max height (open) – 41.75 inches (1,060 mm) Max opening gap – 40 inches (1,016 mm)

BG 600BucketGrappleModel BG-600 Bucket Grapple

The LOWE® BG-600 is an extremely rugged industrial strength grapple. The fully enclosed bucket with reversible wear blade is extremely useful in scraping and other cleaning operations. It is excellent for use in scrap and recycling operations, removing concrete and asphalt, and other demanding applications. The closed bucket construction keeps dirt and smaller debris from spilling out, leaving a cleaner work area.

Like other LOWE® grapples, the BG-600 has the ability to pick a load from the end as well as from the side. The design of the hydraulic system also allows you to securely clamp items that may have uneven surfaces while keeping consistent pressure on the entire load.

Specifications: Weight – 863 lbs. (391 Kg) Width – 72 inches (1,829 mm) Depth – 38 inches (965 mm) Max height (closed) – 30 inches (762 mm) Max height (open) – 46 inches (1,168 mm) Max opening gap – 42 inches (1,067 mm)


LOWE® trenching attachments have proven to be one of the most useful tools in the attachment market. Primarily used on skid steer loaders, trenching attachments also excel on compact track loaders and a wide range of mini-loaders. Use them in construction, agriculture, rental, utility, irrigation, and other applications where an open trench is required.

  • The XR-Series from LOWE® is the most advanced and durable line of trenching attachments in the industry. They feature:
  • A fixed, self-aligning boom with an industrial strength grease cylinder adjustment system
  • High strength maintenance-free tapered roller bearings in the boom nose
  • Durable oversized boom nose idler
  • Anti-back flex (ABF) digging chain for longer life and maximum digging performance
  • Extra strong chassis High quality hydraulic components and simple hose routing
  • Premium hydraulic motors
  • Double-flighted auger for fast spoil removal

All standard mount XR-trenchers have a built-in feature that allows for manual side-shifting. The XR-14 though the XRH-35 have an optional hydraulic side shift for users that need to make numerous adjustments to the side shifting capability. Fixed-mount trenchers are also available for those that do not need to side shift and wish to save additional cost.

With a large selection of boom lengths and digging chains available, find out how a LOWE® trenching attachment can make your machinery investment more useful.